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Life Coaching with Spiritual Guidance $150| 1 Hour

I believe we all deserve to be happy, joyful, peaceful, prosperous, abundant and full of love.

When we are born we are whole, complete, full of love. We are born in bliss state.

Our conscious personality isn’t developed yet, we aren’t the thinkers yet. We are always in the moment, fully present. We absorb every single word, action, or thing we they see or hear. We are literally pure subconsciousness, which get’s molded and programmed in a way that can be beneficial or disruptive for our whole life.

Most of our traumas, unhealthy mental patterns get formed during our childhood years. That’s why it seems almost impossible to let go of the traumas and blueprints because we don’t seem to have any conscious memory of it. We got programmed when we were pure living subconscious. And that program runs most of our adult lives until we start to become conscious and aware of our own selves and lives. We think that we don’t have the access to the program itself, we think that the only thing we can access is the marks that those traumas left on us and that isn’t the truth.

I believe we all have a knowing deep inside of us. We all have the voice of truth deep inside of the core of our being. The inner voice, that is the real you, that is sometimes trapped inside of you.

It is covered with all the limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, gender and social norms, our parent’s or surroundings voices, with should and musts…

I’m here to help you uncover the real you. To help you let go of the traumas, blockages, limiting beliefs and to invite joy, peace, love and happiness inside of you.

When you replace the subconscious programming and turn off the auto pilot, you can hear your own inner voice and what it’s telling you. You can connect to your intuition and live your life from your heart rather than the mind.

I’m here to guide you back to yourself.

Conscious Parenting Guidance $250| 1 Hour

I believe there is no bad child and no bad parent, just unhealthy patterns and choices.

How much we love our children and at the same time almost nobody triggers us like them. [If we don’t count our parents of course :)]

Children are our mirrors. They reflect ourselves back to us. They show us the parts of ourselves we rejected, disowned or suppressed.

How easy it is to think that there is something “wrong” with our child, that they are “bad”, that they need to be “fixed”. But the truth is that our children are just perfect. Everything they say or do is a reflection of us, parents and their surroundings. We are what we consume, so are our children.

We are all victims of victims. Our grandparents were traumatized by their unconscious parents, our parents were raised by their own unconscious mothers and fathers and so are we. We repeat the same unhealthy patterns our parents instilled in us.

Yes we too got traumatized, but we are the “grown ups” now, our traumas are only ours to heal. We need to break those generational patterns and free our children from same chains.

In order to do so you need to heal your own inner child first.

I’m here to guide you through your own healing journey while providing the guidance for supporting your child’s personal journey.

Oracle/Tarot Card Reading $35

Both Tarot and Oracle cards are a tool of self-reflection, a form of divination.

Tarot decks, come in packs of 78, oracle decks on the other hand can include any number of cards.

Energetically, Oracle cards hold “massive” energy. They give insight into the greater sense of what is going on, but Tarot cards can provide more detailed interpretations.

Imagine a book. Tarot cards are like the pages inside a book. The Oracle cards, on the other hand, are more like the whole chapter of the book.

Oracle tells you about the situation or challenge that is present right now in your life. Tarot is more like a story teller. It tells you about your past, how it became the present and the likely outcome that will happen in future if you listen to its guidance and tips.

Embodiment Yoga Private Online Session $125 1 Hour

I Believe that Our Inner State Reflects Our Outer State and vice versa. Embodiment Yoga is a pathway for personal bliss. Connection to our soul through mindful movement.

In one sentence Embodiment Yoga can be described as “The Eastern Practice Meets Our Western Psyche.”

The intention of Embodiment Yoga is;

  • To bring ourselves into our bodies
  • By becoming aligned with our bodies we bring our mind to the Present moment
  • To learn how to stay with our feelings and emotions
  • To have a safe space to share what’s in our heart through words and movement
  • To get guidance on and off the Mat
  • To open and let go of the blockages from our body. The blockages into our body are a manifestation of unhealed trauma and can be shown in body as a health imbalance.
  • To reprogram our subconscious programing by using positive affirmations and various other techniques and exercises.
  • To move and live more consciously

Embodiment yoga is a tool that will bring you back to yourself through mindful movement.

The sessions will be held via Zoom Platform.

About availability for In Person sessions Contact Ani.

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15 Min Exploration Call
Private Embodiment Yoga Session
Conscious Parenting Guidance
Life Coaching with Spiritual Guidance

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